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Dearham Wood daycare is a not-for-profit, school-based childcare centre serving the Guildwood community and surrounding areas. Together with the parents, the Dearham Wood staff shares the responsibility for quality child care. We treat each child as an individual. Our goal is to strengthen family life by providing enriching  programs and experiences in a safe and reliable environment; one that facilitates the growth and development of every child through encouragement, stimulation and diversified imaginative programming experiences.

The focus of our childcare centre is to provide an enriched program that enables a child to develop in a warm, caring atmosphere. Each individual child will have the opportunity to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, creativity and physically.


Activities are planned with the belief that every child is an adventurer. By providing challenging opportunities to explore and create, each child not only acquires new skills, but also forms a positive self-image.


With encouragement and acceptance, children gain confidence in their own decisions, accept responsibility for their own actions, show pride in their achievements and value others.


We can only achieve these goals through the promotion of a democratic sharing process, where family, staff and community involvement are vital.


This Statement of Philosophy outlines the guiding principles that govern our daily actions.

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