Annual General Members Meeting 2019

Thursday November 28


Meeting will be in the Library

Childcare (with pizza and a movie) will be offered in the school-age room.

This is our annual public Board of Directors meeting. It gives the current Board the opportunity to present important information about the daycare's yearly budget and operations, to parents and caregivers.


We will also be looking for new Board Members to join the team. This year we will be asking new members to step forward at the AGM, and then we will meet again to discuss who might like to do the executive roles that need to be filled for this year.

The roles that need to be filled in order for the Board to run are:

  • President;

  • Treasurer; and

  • Personnel Representative

We also accept Support Members.

DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT- The President shall when present preside at all meetings of the members of the Corporation and of the Board. The President shall also be charged with the general management of the affairs and operations of the Corporation. The President and the Secretary shall sign all By Laws and special resolutions. During the absence or inability of the President, his/her duties and powers may be exercised by the Vice President or such other Director as the Board may from time to time appoint for the purpose.

DUTIES OF THE TREASURER- The Treasurer or person performing the usual duties of a Treasurer, shall be aware and responsible for the financial standing of the Corporation by reviewing on a regular basis the full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of the Corporation. The review of monthly financial reporting will be provided from the Corporation's financial accounting and reporting systems. They shall review and sign-off on the disbursement of funds of the Corporation as deemed necessary. They shall render to the Board at the regular meetings or whenever required an account of all of the monthly financials as Treasurer and of the financial position of the Corporation. They are also responsible for the annual review, revisions and approvals of the Corporation's fiscal budget. Budget revisions may also include the determination and calculations of revised service fees. They may perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Board. 

Required account booking and the payment of expenses and deposit all monies or other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the Corporation in such bank or trust company will be the responsibilities of the Management staff of the Corporation.

DUTIES OF OTHER OFFICERS The duties of the other Officers of the Corporation shall be such as the terms of their engagement call for or the Board requires of them.


We are located in Poplar Road Junior Public School


Scarborough, ON M1E 1S4


We are conveniently open Monday - Friday

7am - 6pm

to serve our families' needs. 


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