Summer Camp Info

Splash Pad/Picnic Days:

  • Splash Pad days and Picnic days are now clearly identified on the Calendar (see below).

  • Splash Pad visits will be scheduled for 9am – 11am.  Please ensure that your child is at the centre no later than 8:30am.  We will be back at the centre no later than 11:30am for lunch.

  • Picnic day visits will be scheduled for 10am – 3pm.  Please ensure that your child is at the centre no later than 9:30am.  We will be back at the centre no later than 3:30pm.

  • Splash Pads and Parks are all within walking distance (maximum 20 - 25 minute walk) from daycare.  Depending on the weather and needs of the children we may use TTC bus transit to reduce travel time. 

  • We request that on Splash Pad days children are dressed in their water clothing prior to coming to daycare. 

Field Trips:

  • As per the Calendar there are 2 big Field Trips planned taking us to the Ontario Science Centre and the Toronto Zoo. 

  • Both trips are scheduled for 9am – 4pm.  Please ensure that your children are at centre no later than 8:30am on these days.  We will return to the centre no later than 4pm on these days.

  • We will be using a Chartered School Bus to and from the Science Centre.

  • We will be using TTC bus transit to and from the Toronto Zoo.

  • All staff including Supervisor will be present and part of ratios on these two big trips.

Lunches (applicable to both onsite and offsite activities):

  • Kindergarten and School Age children are required to bring their own [NUT FREE] lunches daily.

  • Preschool children will continue to receive catered lunches and snacks daily.

  • DWDC will provide AM snack (before 9am) and PM snack (@4pm) to all children in all programs. 


  • Indoor and outdoor shoes are required

  • Water bottle (name clearly labeled)

  • Extra set of light clothing in case of messy play or water play

  • Sunscreen (should be applied in the AM before drop off and will be reapplied in the afternoon under supervision of staff)

  • Hats required

  • Sunglasses optional


We are located in Poplar Road Junior Public School


Scarborough, ON M1E 1S4


We are conveniently open Monday - Friday

7am - 6pm

to serve our families' needs. 


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